Class tasks


This module contains a number of quizzes and class tasks to support the National Curriculum: Key concepts: PoS 1.2 (a, c), 1.3 (a - d), Key processes: PoS 2.2 (a-c), Range and content PoS 3 (a, l). 

The Human Rights quiz and class tasks would also support AQA A2 Citizenship Studies 3.1 CIST1 Identity, Rights and Responsibilities.

Using the quizzes - with answers.

   All about Europe: general knowledge quiz to get students thinking about Europe

   Countries in Europe: starter quiz about countries in Europe

   Migrant myths: issues that regularly make the headlines

   Migrant definitions: to clarify the meaning of key words: immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker, illegal immigrant

   Asylum interview: qualifying for asylum - a role-play with briefings

   Identities: what does it mean to be British, European, debate on ID cards

   Human rights: quiz on how human rights are protected in law, class tasks on potential conflict of rights, debate on topical issues, myths about European Court of Human Rights.