Democracy in action


This module contains a number of factual summaries, exercises and games to support the National Curriculum: Key concepts: PoS 1.1 (a, d), Key processes: PoS 2.2 (a-c), Range and content PoS 3 (c-e). 

The voting exercise and role-play debate would also support AQA A2 Citizenship Studies 3.2 CIST2 Democracy, Active Citizenship and Participation.

Being European

My idea of Europe, includes a game where you match stereotypes with countries

I am a citizen of Europe: what that means for me, the freedoms that go with citizenship

Joining the EU: simple guide to the criteria for joining

What the EU has done for us: moving around, jobs and employment, consumer protection, environment

Having your say and getting things changed

Voting exercise for Super learning day or similar

Making laws

Why you need new laws

How laws get made

Rôle-play debates

How the EU makes laws: the role of the three main institutions

Interviewing an applicant for asylum.