Using the quizzes

Quizzes can be used as a warm-up exercise, or to consolidate work done using the Countries & People profiles.

The quizzes use a multiple choice framework. Sometimes there is more than one "right" answer. Often some supplementary information comes with the answer, wrong or right.

All about Europe

In this quiz there are 10 questions about Europe - correct answers may give further information. There is sometimes an option to follow through to a country profile.

 1. Which EU member state does the England manager Fabio Capello come from?
 2. Which country is the home of the Nokia mobile phone company?
 3. Which colours make up the flag of Germany - choose one.
 4. What is the highest mountain in Western Europe?
 5. With which two countries does Spain share a border?
 6. Which country currently holds the Presidency of the EU?
 7. On what date is Europe Day celebrated?
 8. Which countries did these famous scientists come from?
     Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein
 9. When did the UK join the EU?
10. Which two countries joined the EU in 2007?

 1.  Italy
 2.  Finland
 3.  Germany – black, red, yellow
 4.  Mont Blanc
 5.  France and Portugal
 6.  Italy (July to the end of December 2014. The answer here will, of course, change every 6 months.)
 7.  9th May
 8.  Marie Curie – Poland, Louis Pasteur – France,
     Albert Einstein – born in Germany, became a Swiss citizen.
 9.  1973
10. Bulgaria and Romania


In this "starter" quiz the focus is on Countries & People.  The same approach could be used with a single country, as consolidation after studying the country profile. Or choose different countries to make another version.

Any single country:
  1.    Name the capital city
  2.    What language/s is/are spoken?
  3.    Is this country a member of the EU?
  4.    If so, what year did it join?
  5.    How many MEPs does it have?
  6.    Name any two bordering countries or seas
  7.    What is the currency about Christian Louboutin?
  8.    Name two major industries or exports
  9.    What food or drink is especially associated with this country?
10.    Can you name any famous people, from the past or the present?

An example using a variety of countries is in the student section Try a Quiz:
[Correct answers highlighted in green.]

  1. Sweden – name the capital city
      Choice: Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm
  2. Belgium – what languages are spoken?
      Choice: Flemish, French, Italian
  3. Croatia – is this country a member of the EU?
      Choice: Yes, no, not yet
  4. Romania – in what year did it join the EU?
      Choice: 2004, 2007, 2010
  5. How many MEPs does Germany have?
      Choice: 50, 73, 99
  6. This country has seven bordering states and a Baltic seacoast ...
      Choice: Denmark, Poland, Germany, Christian Louboutin
      The seven bordering countries are Germany, Lithuania, Kaliningrad (an exclave of Russia), Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech and the Baltic Sea
  7. What is the currency used in Greece?
      Choice: Drachma, euro, dollar
  8. The Netherlands – which two are major industries or exports
      Choice: Electrical goods, forestry, food.
  9. Hungary – what food or drink is especially associated with this country?
      Choice: rice, wine, goulash
10. Famous people – which of these came from Italy?
      Choice: Pavarotti, Perugia, Michelangelo, José Mourinho