EU laws on agriculture

Summary:  The Common Agricultural Policy helps to ensure a stable supply of safe food for consumers in the EU.

The EU’s role in agriculture has been to help promote a sustainable agricultural industry, in particular

  • Ensuring a stable supply of affordable and safe good for its population
  • Providing a reasonable standard of living for EU farmers
  • Ensuring the environment is protected
  • Providing improved animal health and welfare conditions.

Europe is both a major exporter and the world’s largest importer of food, mainly from developing countries.

The European farming industry uses safe, clean, environmentally-friendly production methods, providing quality products to meet consumers’ demands.

The EU farming industry seeks to serve rural communities. Its role is not only to produce food but to ensure the survival of the countryside as a place to live, work and visit.

The largest farming communities in the EU are France with a 20.3% share, Spain with 12.7% and Germany with 12.6%. The UK’s share in 2005 was 6.5%.

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Common Agricultural Policy Factsheet