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My idea of Europe
I am a citizen of Europe
Joining the EU
What has the EU done for us ?

My idea of Europe


Make the connection ...

  • Go to France to climb the Eiffel Tower and buy perfume
  • Go to Italy to eat spaghetti and see the Pope
  • Go to Germany to wear lederhosen and drive a Mercedes
  • Go to Spain to eat paella and see flamenco dancing
  • Go to Belgium to eat chocolate and buy an umbrella
  • ... etc, etc

Print and cut out the picture cards

This matching up model could be used at various levels, e.g. with countries on the map, well known monuments, capital cities, population sizes, a few words in each of the languages, flag pinning.

They could be amalgamated to build country profiles eg. In France they eat snails, make fine perfume, speak French, capital is Paris, fly the tricoleur etc. There will be correct answers so an overall score can be obtained.

I am a citizen of Europe

What does that do for me?

  • You can travel anywhere, in many countries without a passport.
  • You can work anywhere once you get the right to stay.
  • You can say what you like.
  • You can vote in local elections and in European Parliamentary elections.
  • You can get free medical attention.
  • You can go to a university at a reduced rate of fee.
  • You can own your house.

Game - Spot the difference between

  • What you are free to do: travel, marry,
  • What you have a right to do: seek employment, own property, vote in elections
  • What you required to do: obey the law of the land, go to school, pay taxes

Ahead of the class session refer to website for detailed picture of British citizen, European citizen

Joining the EU

I am president of Euritania.
I want to join the European Union.

You need to answer a few questions first. Please choose from the options offered.

Who makes the laws in your country?

  • The president
  • The rich and powerful
  • The people via elected representatives

Who owns the factories?

  • Wealthy individuals
  • The government
  • People who have shares in them

What do you do to people who criticise the government

  • Lock them up
  • Reprimand them
  • Leave them alone

What do you do to judges who accept bribes

  • Take our share
  • Prosecute them
  • Turn a blind eye

What do you do with your waste

  • Recycle as much as we can
  • Dump it out at sea or put into the ground
  • Let citizens decide for themselves


  • You can come in straight away
  • You are on the right road and we can help you
  • You are not ready. Come back in a few years time

Ahead of the task, look at the Copenhagen criteria in simple terms. You can also see how two applicants for membership, Croatia and Turkey, have so far managed to meet them.

What has the EU done for us ?

Most laws passed in the 27 member states stem from EU legislation. All EU states must bring their laws into line with the body of European law built up during more than 50 years since the original Treaty of Rome, known as the acquis communautaire.

These are some examples of agreed laws which bring greater freedom to the ordinary European citizen.