ACT webinar on GCSE Studies 2020/ 2021

Summary of the main points of a webinar held by ACT on September 22, 2020

Notes on the webinar aimed at teachers of KS4

Need to devise a recovery curriculum to help students reskill and rebuild confidence after what has been lost in the summer term.

Don't talk to the children about lost learning or being behind Instead build on prior learning, map where they are.

In the early stages, teach new material in small steps, practice retrieval. Make good use of multiple choice and quizzes as learning tools. 

For questioning techniques remind yourself of Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction.

The workshop also referenced the techniques contained in

Some tips on retrieval practice:

  • Involve everyone
  • Make checking accurate and easy
  • Specify the knowledge
  • Keep it generative
  • Vary the diet
  • Make it time efficient
  • Make it workload efficient