In January 2020, in Wuhan, China, a new virus COVID 19, was identified that quickly spread first to South East Asia and then to other parts of the world including Europe and the UK. In March the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic.

The virus attacks the respiratory system and can be fatal in a small percentage of those affected especially among elderly with an underlying health condition. There is as yet no vaccine that can neutralise the virus. It is typically spread by droplets from the breath of an infected person. The symptoms include shortage of breath, a persistent dry cough, a fever and loss of taste/ smell.

In the meantime countries have responded to the virus in a variety of ways. Most by imposing a lockdown on activity that causes people to be close together at work, play, school etc. People are asked to respect 'social distancing' namely keeping a gap of two metres from other people.

Deaths in the UK in hospitals and care homes were over 36,000 as at May 20, 2020. Primary schools are expected to start re-opening on a limited scale from early June.

How do you feel about returning to school? Arrangements for classes will be different fro what you are used to.